Monday, November 24, 2014

Early Aging? – 7 Reasons Why You Are Looking Older Than You Actually Are

1. Negativity

  • This might come as a shock to you but happier people usually look younger when compared to people who are frequently distressed or angry.
  • In this same vain, the lack of showing emotions on our face can add to the degradation of the facial muscles which will cause areas of the face to slowly begging to sag downward due to the lack of a happy facial workout.
  • People who are optimistic and joyful tend to have these feelings reflected on their face because of their muscle memory. This in turn causes them to look younger because their muscles are firm and tight.
  • And in the same way, when someone’s face is frequently expressing angry or sad emotions, the repeated scowling can actually turn into wrinkles which are formed by muscle memory.
  • Keep your face devoid of scowl marks, by looking on the bright side and showing it on your face. 

2. Unhealthy Behaviors and Habits

  • Excessive alcohol consumption and smoking can cause the body and skin to age earlier than normal by dehydrating it of necessary oils and nutrients.
  • Smoking causes discoloration, fine lines around the mouth, deeper wrinkles on the forehead, and damages the teeth. 

3. Exposure To Weather

  • Too much sun has been known to cause wrinkles and cause permanent aging on the skin. Harmful UV rays damage the elastin fibers that keep the skin tight and in place.
  • UV rays from the sun also contribute to the acceleration of noticeable age spots and various forms of skin discoloration.
  • Exposure to cold air for extended periods of time can also cause the skin to look thin and result in wrinkles. 
Suggested SPF Moisturizer for Anti-Aging 

4. Processed Foods, Sugary, and Salty Diets

  • Eating processed foods, as well as foods high in fats and sugars will accelerate the aging process.
  • Eating lots of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis will keep the body looking young and tight.

5. Stress

  • Stress is a major cause of aging for most people.
  • Stressed individuals are known to walk slower and hunched in some situations, because they often fail to walk tall and upright.
  • A weekly massage, and daily stretches will help retain that youthful look.

6. Skin Treatments

  • Skin treatments that involve excessive use of chemicals have been known to dry out the skin and actually contribute to aging.
  • These harsh chemicals have been known to deplete the skin of natural oils leaving the skin well aged.
  • Unsafe acne treatments have been known cause the skin to age.
  • Moisturizing several times a day, might help normal skin but when the skin is severely aged, you need a regimen that effectively combats the signs of aging.

Suggested regimen for Preventing the Signs of Aging 

7. Lack of Exercising

  • Exercise will keep your body young and slow down the aging process while lack of it on the other hand will have the opposite effect on it.
  • A lazy lifestyle with no form of exercising is one of the main reasons for early aging.
  • Schedule in some time for exercising within your busy schedule and begin to invest in your youth.

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