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Face Mapping Will Help You Understand All Your Breakouts

Breakouts are a huge pain. It might not even matter that you are washing you face twice a day and following a strict skincare routine, somehow they still come back and you think, "But I thought I was doing everything right!"

We have all been there. The place where your breakouts occure can be a direct indication to what you’re doing wrong—and many times, it has nothing to do with how many times you are washing your face. This is where face mapping can save you from frustration and acne horrors.

Face mapping is the combination of Ayurveda, ancient Chinese medicine, and dermatological science, that helps to explain how certain areas of your face are connected to other parts of your body.
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1. Forehead.
If you find that your breakouts occur on your forehead, the main reason for this could be stress. Ask yourself if you are getting enough sleep and eating foods that keep the body clean and healthy.
Fight forehead zits by getting at least 7 or more hours of sleep and relax when digesting wholesome foods like fruits and veggies.

2. In between your eyebrows.
Last night alcohol, oily food, processed dairy and sugar can be the reason those pimples between your brows. This area is closely linked to your liver thus, you should start cutting out any unhealthy fast foods and snack foods and alcoholic drinks. Also, begin doing a short 30 minute burst of exercise each day. This area has also been known to be the first spot to show signs of unknown allergies. If the first suggestion seems to not do the trick, try cutting back on specific foods to experiment with the possibility of this being a sign of an allergic reaction.
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3. Around your eyes.
Discoloration (including dark circles) as well as acne around your eyes have been known to be linked to dehydration. Drinking enough water and staying hydrated throughout the day is a great way to keep zits at bay when it comes to the eye area. An average sized man is recommended to drink roughly 13 cups (3 liters) a day, while an averaged sized women should drink about 9 cups (2.2 liters) a day.

4. On your cheeks.
Your cheeks are known to be linked to the respiratory system. Smokers tend to have acne trouble in this particular area. Uncontrolled allergies or letting your body overheat might also be a cause for cheek area pimples. Avoid breakouts on your cheeks by staying out of environments with high levels of pollution, which includes smoking. What you are in need of is FRESH AIR!
Also want to keep your cell phone off of your face when you talk into it and wash you pillowcase often. 
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5. On your nose.
Nose zits can be linked to the health of your heart. If you are finding blemishes in this area, check your blood pressure and Vitamin B levels. Begin eating heart-healthy produce. Cut down on any bad fats and replace them with healthier fats that can be found in nuts, fish and avocados.
Makeup may also be the culprit clogging up your pores. Check the expiration date on your makeup products and use a lightweight / oil-free product for your nose area.
6. Sides of chin.
Finding pimples on the sides of your chin can be a sign of that special time of the month (for women, of course). And depending on which side the breakout occurs can indicate which ovary is ovulating. Remember that stress will only add to this monthly irritant. If you are in this situation, make sure to get enough sleep, drink water, and keep on exercising! 
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7. On your chin.
The chin is linked with the stomach area. Chin acne can be a sign of an unbalanced digestive system. Start incorporating more fiberful foods into your daily diet. Reduce the toxins that might be slipping into your body through unwholesome. Drink Green Tea and Ginger Tea to help with digestion and reduce these unwanted breakouts.

8. Neck/Chest.
Breakouts in these areas can be a sign that your body is trying to fight off bacteria in order to avoid illness. If you find breakouts on your neck or chest, take it easy and help your body in fighting off the illness. Drink lots of water, get at least 9 hours of sleep and take deep breaths!

9. On your ears.
The ear area is linked with your kidneys. Keep those kidneys healthy by drinking lots of water. Also, cut back on coffee and alcoholic beverages! 
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